3rd Party Manufacturing

Third Party Manufacturing for Neuro Range

At Neurocon, we have been practicing rich manufacturing culture for formulating the widest range of Neuro medicines. From the past few years, the Neuro industry has made tremendous growth due to the increasing mental disorder in patients. The fast life of human being results in an unhealthy lifestyle. Despite this fact, Neurocon comes as the Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company in India. We are empowering all the newly developed and well-established neuropsychiatry companies to run their business smoothly. We have obtained GMP, WHO, GLP certificates for being consistent in our quality assurance. Our company counted amongst the 3rd party Pharma manufacturing companies for Neuropsychiatry range. We have good manufacturing capability of a variety of medicines like Alprazolam, Amantadine, Benperidol, Calcium Carbonate, Desvenlafaxine, Escitalopram etc.

Get Customized Labeling Solutions for Your Business

Being a top Third Party manufacturing specialist, we provide our facility to reputed pharmaceutical players. We strive to make their outsourcing easy & flexible and ensure terms business execution.

1.We offer you the richest quality range of medicines for all neuropsychiatry medicine range

2.We can customize your order as per your requirements.

3.Our company has networked with more reliable wholesaler and distribution channels, who always come up with the availability of raw material and deliver goods on time.

4.We believe in maintaining mutual benefits with our clients and provide the best service reasonable price.

5.Through our separate labeling department, we provide you the customized labeling solution as per your requirements.

6.Our workers choose the best quality printing component to ensure the quality labeling of all the medicine range.

Why Should Go With Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Service?

At the time of commencing business, a huge cost expands. Small scales company fails to afford the cost of a manufacturing unit, which usually high. Establishing an infrastructure unit is the toughest job to perform. Thus, they choose Third Party Manufacturing service to ease their business operation and process their trading service. In this service, they used to ask for bulk quantity range of products with a printed brand name over it, tight and leakage poof packaging and timely delivery. At presents time, thousands of companies are running on the basis of third-party manufacturing companies.

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