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Neurocon Inc is a Well-known Pharma Company in India for Neuropsychiatry Range. The Company is engaged in manufacturing, supplying, trading, and marketing pf Neuro & Psychiatry Medicines. We have come up with a comprehensive range of neuropsychiatric products that encompasses a range of medical conditions like Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Psychotic Disorders, etc. We have more than 100 products in Neuropsychiatry Range and try to cover all kinds of Neuropsychiatry Medicines like Anti-Psychotics & Hypnotics, Anti-Addiction, Mood Stabilizers, Antispasmodic, Anxiolytics, Anti-Depressants, Anti-Epileptic. Our products are manufactured from WHO-certified plants which ensure us as the best quality of products for Neuro Range. Now we have the plan to increase the reach and demand for our Neuropsychiatry medicines by offering the Pharmaceutical Franchise at the Pan India level. Our Franchise Model is based on monopoly rights, high-profit margin, the best quality of products with attractive packaging, and free promotional tools.

Neurocon Inc is a Chandigarh-based Pharma company for Neuro and Psychiatry Range. The company with its unwavering commitment to and through its world-class products for neuropsychiatry emphasises quelling the detrimental effects these mental disorders can have on human bodies. We say without any reservation that our products are of the utmost quality and have been prepared under strict quality guidelines. Our products are available in all kinds of formulations such as Tablets, Capsules, Injections, and Liquid, etc. Our Neuro range is best in the term of quality, packaging, and reasonable prices which make us the best Neuropsychiatry Company In India. So, we are welcoming all pharma distributors and Medical Representative to join hands with us for a Franchise Business opportunity at the Pan India level.

What Make Us Best For Pharma Business


Our company is committed to deliver safe and effective medicines that are tested carefully and passed all strict quality measurement.


With our advance R&D Research, we dedicated for new improvements and apply new techniques so that we can introduce new range in the growing market.

Environment Policy

We strictly against using harmful chemicals and we only use Eco-friendly chemical so that it keeps our environment healthy.

Brand Identity

At Neurocon we intend to keep our brand identity positive in terms of safe and quality medicines.


Nowadays the demand for Neuro Range is increasing. People with high hopes and willing to enter the pharmaceutical sector in a specific segment choosing our Franchise is a great business option. Our franchise model is the best than other pharma companies in terms of profit margin, promotions support, and product range. We are welcoming to all dedicated and experienced pharma distributors, sole marketing, and distribution rights for the Pharma franchise business. So If you are looking for the best pharma company for Neuro Range then Neuocon is the best option for you

Become A Franchise

Neuropsychiatry Products

Our world classs manufacturing units only produces effective medicines. As we deal in only tested and DCGI approved products. For us, our Neuropsychiatry speaks. We offer more than 300+ products which are very effective and lesser side effects of it. We Take an in-depth look at the science behind containment & delivery of Neuropsychiatry Products in Neurocon Inc. We deal in all type of Neuropsychiatry range like:

  • Anti Allergic

  • Antibiotics

  • Anticonvulsants

  • Antidepressants

  • Antidiabitics

  • Antimigraine

  • AntiPsychotics

  • Anxiolytics


At Neurocon you can expect profitable business options. People who associate with us or going to be part of our organization can avail of our franchise on monopoly rights-based. This is such a great way to lead in the market with a specific segment. No market pressure or competition you will face while you dealing with pharma products. You can earn good profit and can expand your business with the help of monopoly rights.


At Neurocon Inc, we assure you of the best manufacturing practices employed and a world class infrastructure in place. Our team consists of some of the brilliant minds of the pharmaceutical industry who take care of each and every layer of the manufacturing and quality control process. We aim at providing you with the foremost services. Our policies are practices that are patient friendly as well as environmentally friendly. Our vision is to join hands with the medical fraternity and impact the healthcare sector positively. Keeping up with the technological and scientific innovations in the field of health, we employ the best R&D techniques to either develop new products or to improve the already existing ones. Staying updated about new innovations has been the hallmark of our company. We pay untiring attention to the market trends to enhance our R&D processes.

Choose Neurocon Inc for Neuropsychiatry Range

Our organization is a leading manufacturer in the creation of high-quality, technically advanced, coordinated control and delivery systems for Neuropsychiatry Products. You may most likely consider the payback that you will be going to have from this specific business division. The best advantage that you will get from this specific business division is its benefit return. It will unquestionably give you a decent profit return in the market. Rest here is the list of payback that you will get by putting resources into this specific business area:

  • The benefit return is very clear on Franchise
  • We have bulk quantity range of Neuropsychiatry medicine range
  • It is a chance to fire up your business in low speculation
  • It guarantees you the ensured presentation in brief timeframe outline
  • Neurocon costs in this specific business area are additionally low, which will give you the additional advantages.
  • All the showcasing and special costs will be given by the organization and so forth etc..


We are ISO, GMP&WHO Certified Neuropsychiatry Pharma company, and invests in our people, process, and equipment to ensure that we remain an industry leader. We believe in quality and dealing with our safe medicines is really a great business advantage, Apart from it you can avail a number of other business services also that help you at every step of your business work. Choosing us is an intelligent decision.

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